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Octagon Caps A 12-1 Run At UFC Fight Night 52

Octagon MMA had a busy few months having 13 fights in 12 weeks. The team went 12-1 capturing two belts. Damon Jackson captured the Legacy FC featherweight by defeating Leonard Garcia and Evan Martinez won the 24-7 Bantamweight. The fight team also went 2 out of 3 in the UFC. Matt Hobar had a dominate…

Sean Spencer Scores Big Win Over Paulo Thiago at UFC Fight Night 51

Octagon MMA’s Sean Spencer pulled off a unanimous decision victory against a tough opponent in Paul Thaigo. The two met this past Saturday, September 13th in Brasilia, Brazil at UFC Fight Night 51. Spencer knocked Thiago down at the beginning of the first ans remained dominant for the remainder of the three rounds. With this…

Matt Hobar Victorious at UFC Fight Night 49

Octagon MMA’s Matt Hobar improved to 9-2 after a unanimous decision victory over Aaron Phillips at UFC Fight Night 49 this past Saturday, August 23rd, in Tulsa, OK. Hobar controlled the majority of the fight by taking Phillips down early and often. Once he was down Hobar was able to overcome a barrage of upkicks…

Member Spotlight: Kim Fonville
Kim Fonville 1

Kim Fonville stumbled upon Octagon MMA completely by accident. “I actually had lunch at Komali for my birthday,” she said. “We saw Octagon next door and went in to check it out. We all signed up after taking the introductory class.” Kim is an X-Ray Technician in the emergency room at Baylor University Medical Center.…

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