Legacy Fighting Championship Results: Octagon MMA Goes 3-0

1476539125-ns_14mma14It was another successful night for Octagon MMA this last Friday evening, October 14th, at Legacy Fighting Championship 61.

Rob Butler made his pro debut and TKO’d his opponent in just 25 seconds in the 1st round.

Rashad Coulter followed that up by knocking out his opponent in 1:11 of the 1st round.

That led to the main event and Damon Jackson emerging victorious with a hard fought unanimous decision victory. Jackson kept the fight mostly on the feet and showed a new level of striking that had previously been absent from his predominantly wrestling based style.

The night was not without controversy however. Steven Peterson was supposed to defend his title in the main event of the evening. His opponent, Mark Delarosa, did not show up to the venue the night of the fights. After being contacted by multiple Legacy personnel Delarosa would complain about procedures he found “shady” at the weigh-ins the day before.

Weigh-ins were observed by the Texas Athletic Commission and the title fight was approved by them and Legacy officials.

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