Complete Body Control

As an athlete you are competitive in nature. With yoga you do not need to be the best. Yoga is a tool to enhance your body to better sustain the constant strain while training in jiu-jitsu, muay thai or any other sport.

Benefits of Yoga:

Endurance - By regularly practicing yoga, we learn to move intentionally over long periods of time. Yoga forces us to develop mental and physical stamina, which can really come in handy when training in jiu-jitsu.

Body Awareness and Focus - Yoga is different than other workouts in that it demands total focus on the body and the breath. In these moments we need extreme amounts of focus. This level of body awareness can come in hand when you’re pushing yourself in a competition.

Enhanced Recovery Time - When you practice yoga, you’re enhancing circulation and lymphatic flow, which allows the muscles to process metabolic byproducts at a faster rate.

Full-Body Strength - Yoga is a full-body workout, try one class and you will quickly realize that you are working all parts of your being, from your abs to your calves to your arms. Power, strenght and speed are all directly connected to the overall alignment of our body. Work the entire thing and watch athletic performance completely transform.